A simple social media post helped me launch a new digital marketing agency.

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The guide no one wants to read, but everyone should.

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A great set of headshots is what will help you land gigs in the ultra-competitive NYC entertainment world.

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Forget about all the marketing hacks and techniques you’ve read about, they definitely don’t work as well.

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Here’s what to wear when getting actors headshots.

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More followers doesn’t mean more money in the bank.

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WWDC2021 and iPadOS 15 are killing my dream of replacing my Mac with an iPad

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If you are an actor, then chances are you’ve heard of taking headshots.

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Are you getting ready to schedule your very first headshot appointment?

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While you think you’re beating the system, you’re killing your growth.

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Charles Tumiotto Jackson

Content Marketer, willing to put the “social” back in Social Media. Let's talk about Social Media Marketing → charlestumiottojackson.com

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