Ads are still the future business model of the internet

The internet is a media, media gets paid by ads.

But you can’t pay to protect your data on Facebook or Instagram.

And that ad-free program cannot be a simple omission from those major companies. That simply means that your personal info and data are worth way more than $9.99 a month..! Basically, it won’t be as profitable for social media sites.

What if social media sites were ad-free?

Let’s say that you’d get an ad-free experience on Facebook and Instagram for $9.99 a month. What would change on the platform?

A subscription won’t bring back the chronological feed.

And the reason why is quite simple: Facebook wants you to spend time on their platform. Facebook wants you to come back regularly so you can see what happened, just so they can keep you interested and curious, just so you can keep paying the subscription fee for the longest period of time possible.

Advertising is not dead!

Don’t trust people that say that it is. Facebook is the biggest advertising platform in the world, it’s also the one that allows the most precise targeting and the one that has the highest ROI. Facebook has absolutely no interest in giving away an ad-free version of their site for a couple of bucks a month. Because each and every user of the platform is a client that can be targeted by marketers, and some can be targeted for a lot of money!

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