Get Discovered on Instagram by Using Alt Text

Instagram added a new and interesting feature at the beginning of 2019. This recent addition plays a huge role in Instagram SEO and can really be a game changer if you are trying to get your content discovered by a bigger audience.

Instagram released the possibility to add an Alt Text (Alternative Text) to your photos.

Alt Texts actually existed before this update. What’s new though, is that now Instagram allows you to write your own.

Basically, every time a picture is posted on Instagram, an algorithm scans the image to determine what’s on it. That’s how Instagram has been trying to predict if you’re likely to engage with a post or not, based on what you’ve liked, what you’ve shared and what your interests seem to be.

The result of this scan is an Alternative Text: a description of an image posted on Instagram.

Why writing your own Alt Text is a big deal in terms of a SEO strategy?

Because you’re probably better at knowing what’s on your picture than any kind of AI.

We don’t know how good and accurate generated Alt Texts are. We cannot access them in any way.

However, an algorithm cannot perceive your intention, it also cannot understand your niche nor the value that you bring to your audience.

So what’s sure about generated Alt Texts is that they are very descriptive and general.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I hate general keywords.

In fact, I think generalities are the number 1 enemy of digital marketing.

Generalities don’t help you to grow your audience, they don’t help you in the long run. Kind of like hashtags. They need to be specific to be efficient.

How can you use Alternative Texts to your advantage?

By writing them yourself.

Every time you post a picture, after writing your caption, scroll down and click on advanced settings. This way, you’ll be able to write your own Alternative Text.

Think of your Alternative Text as you would think of your SEO strategy. Add keywords, cities, locations, your field, your niche, your audience, your product and so on. Be as specific as you can and try to fit as many relevant keywords as you can.

But like SEO, don’t overdo it.

Stick to relevant keywords and locations. Instagram just released this feature and I am sure they will penalize accounts that use this technique abusively.

Once again, don’t expect to double your engagement or your traffic on your account thanks to Alt Text. However, it is a nice addition to a strong Instagram strategy and it is a fairly unknown technique.

Be amongst the first to use it and to benefit from it, I’m sure you’ll get unexpected results by using this method.

Do you feel like you tried everything to grow on Instagram? Hopefully, what follows will be the last thing you will have to do to reach your goals.

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