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I am a big fan of Gary Vee’s $1.80 strategy, as it may show. After not listening to this guy for years because I considered him as an entertainer instead of a marketer, I gave it a try and fell in love with it because it works!

To solve this specific issue I would either use a filtering tool online when you can do content research based on several hashtags instead of one. That way you may target a either more specific niche than by just using one hashtag. Or I would simply use a different hashtag. If a hashtag is full of wannabe posts, it’s probably overused and not specific enough.

Again, quality over quantity: if you’re finding yourself spending more time sorting out which post is good content than to actually comment on these posts, you should consider searching for a different, more specific hashtag.

If you’re running a digital agency, try to look for hashtags that people looking for a digital agency would use. Do not use the hashtags that prospecting entrepreneurs are using, because that will only target people that do the same thing as you do, which is not your ideal customer. That may seem logical and obvious, but it’s a mistake I’ve seen so much with my clients: they would be using hashtags that are relevant to professionals in their field, but these hashtags would not be used by their target.

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