I am wondering the same thing.

Notifications play a huge role in the addiction in my opinion. I definitely felt way more in control when I decided to turn them off almost a year ago. I also started to feel better when I made the social media icons way less accessible on my phone — by puting them in a folder, not on the homescreen. That means that I cannot mecanicaly open Instagram or Twitter, I need to execute 3 or 4 gestures to access the app. That does make the mecanical opening and then pointless scrolling through social media a lot harder.

Social media is made to make us addicted. But there are ways to take control back. People just need to be a little more aware of them and they also need to be a little more mindful and real about their addiction. Yes, most people are addicted, even when they say they are not. I think I got a lot of control back, I still think that I am addicted though.

Mindfulness is the first step of every change.

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