I usually consider my miserable, unproductive days as my brain resetting. It usually happens when I’m exhausted, overwhelmed, or ready to move on. Boredom can also be a major reason to my unproductive days.

I’ve learned to accept them (even if it’s hard). They initiate change for me. It’s an indicator that I should do something differently, or that I need to find new challenges.

In any way, being unproductive for a little bit helps you take your distance with what you do, and maybe it’ll make you see the better picture. From there, you’ll have a better view of your life, your work, and what you do. and I think that distance is underrated.

All things happen for a reason. Even feeling miserable and unproductive.

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Content Marketer, willing to put the “social” back in Social Media. Let's talk about Social Media Marketing → charlestumiottojackson.com

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