Is it still possible to grow on Instagram in 2020?

Spoiler: Yes it is. But it’s hard. And it’s way longer than it used to be.

Where does Instagram usually stand in a digital strategy?

I’m going to keep things pretty basic here. We don’t care about the general numbers such as the number of daily users and stuff, because you’ll never reach that many people, and you shouldn’t aim for that. Just keep in mind one thing: your audience is on Instagram. Instagram has so many users that the presence of your audience on the platform is a certain fact. If your niche is middle aged lawyers, just know that this specific audience is on Instagram. Even if none of the middle aged lawyers you know in your personal circle are on it. This niche might be less present on Instagram than on Facebook or on LinkedIn, but there are lots of middle aged lawyers on Instagram, for sure.

How to grow Instagram followers in 2019?

I know you’re dying to know! Most people will prefer to increase their Instagram following base rather than their actually business… But we’re not here to talk about that, we’re here to talk about social growth and social recognition!

Mass-following doesn’t work, and will never work

I mean, it depends.

Mass-followers are killing Instagram.

Instagram itself punishes people that use this method. But obviously, the tools to do it get more and more discrete, making it hard for Instagram to detect such abusive uses. And it’s because of all those cheaters that Instagram stopped the chronological feed, the reach hashtags were getting you, algorithms to detect good content and so on. Because people were cheating on Instagram, the platform and the user experience had to change. Most people disagree about these changes. Most marketers disagree and are upset about these changes, because it really makes it more difficult to grow on Instagram now. That’s why there are so many articles and YouTube videos about it. But cheaters killed the platform, once again.

Cheaters never succeed in the long-run

It’s easy to guess if someone is cheating on Instagram or not. Believe me. And tools exist anyway to confirm (or not) this impression, such as HypeAuditor. If you want to cheat on Instagram, you’ll just end up having very low engagement on your content and that will make it noticeable.

Is there a quick technique to grow on Instagram?


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