It seems a lot like being famous… Wait… Isn’t being an influencer just being followed by a lot of people? ie. having a big audience? ie. being famous?

Joke aside, yeah, every job is hard and every job has a downside. However, complains such as “having to reply to lots of comments” while it is literally the job of the influencer or “having less free time with friends and family” while that’s true for 99% of the jobs out there just don’t make it for me.

Maybe influencers have to understand that these are the downsides of every job: you have to send, read and respond to emails all day, you are in an office from 9 to 5 so that is less time with friends and family, you have some annoying coworkers and others that are great, you sometimes deal with absolutely awful clients and sometimes with great ones…

Being an influencer is just a normal job and it comes with its pros and cons.

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