You have probably heard about this major new feature: Instagram will hide the number of likes on every post and will hide the number of views on video posts.

Only the creator will be able to access this metric. Therefore, as the owner of the account, you will be the only one to see how many likes you got on your posts.

Why is that a game changer, you may ask?

Because that will totally change the face of Influence Marketing!

The number of subscribers was the major metric until a couple of years ago. Brands were only considering big accounts for marketing campaigns.
But after a while, brands and agencies started to consider the engagement rate. This engagement rate is calculated using the number of followers, the number of likes and the number of comments on an account.

The engagement rate is now the only metric that matters.

However, without being able to see the number of likes, the engagement rate cannot be calculated.

Accounts will start to focus again on the content they are making and on the storythey want to tell. Authenticity will be back.

There will be no need to optimize everything in order to have the highest number of likes or to have a crazy amount of comments.

An update like this one will get rid of engagement pods!

Since the number of followers will be the only metric that will be accessible to brands and agencies, creators and Instagram users will focus exclusively on the expansion of their audience.

That might bring back lots of mass following bots and other -not so organic- growth hacking techniques in order to gain more followers.

While the engagement rate allowed smaller accounts to make a living out of their Instagram account, bigger accounts will be way more interesting to brands and agencies again.

So we are sort of back to the roots of Instagram: while people liked sharing their pictures and their stories without caring exclusively about their number of likes. That might bring back some authenticity in the Instagram experience.

This update shows once again how dependent we are to such platforms. With this update, Instagram totally changes how influencers will be using the platform. Some influencers might even go out of business because of it. This update shows how important it is to adapt constantly to the platform and how important it is to be present on several social media sites.

Do you feel like you tried everything to grow on Instagram? Hopefully, what follows will be the last thing you will have to do to reach your goals.

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