The Internet is making us narrow minded

Our opinions filter the content we consume

The internet seems to be like the most perfect tool possible.

But doesn’t that seem too good to be true?

Welcome to the attention era!

Your own data is what makes big internet companies rich. That’s what they sell. They collect your data (not only your personal informations, but also your behaviour online, such as the pages you’re visiting, the kind of content you interact with and so on) and sell them to companies so they can sell targeted ads on social media or on Google.

Algorithms make us lazy

First downside of these algorithms is that these algorithms basically act like a more traditional media such as the television or a magazine: they curate content for us so they tend to make us lazy and passive!

Algorithms show us what we want to see

Facebook and Instagram fight for our attention. Because it is what they sell! That’s why they started to release algorithms to curate the newsfeed for us: if they provide us content we like and interact with, we’re more focused on the platform!

Google and SEO make you believe what the majority believes

Even if Google is not using the same kind of algorithms as social media sites, we have to keep in mind that Google also fights for your attention!

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