The One Mistake Most People Make When Trying to Grow on Instagram

Just don’t do it and you will get results within minutes

Charles Tumiotto Jackson
4 min readJun 29, 2020


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Everyone wants more followers, more engagement, and more interactions on their Instagram account. Otherwise, what’s the point of being on Instagram, or any other social platform?

The problem with chasing these metrics, is that it makes you take off your eyes off of what truly matters to grow on Instagram.

Most people get stuck on Instagram after a while. They don’t seem to be able to grow anymore. At this point, getting new followers is the number one priority. These users tend to use every single hack and obscure technique they find online to attract new people to their account.

That’s why you have people using engagement groups, or using the follow-unfollow method, or even buying followers. These are quick fixes to a major problem they have: growing their account and getting more followers.

Value First, Instagram Followers Later

Getting new followers shouldn’t be your top priority. Of course, you may want more people to follow you, but it’s not by wanting them that you’ll attract them.

You need to understand is not all about you and your content. It is about the other users and what you can provide for them. If you don’t give away value for free, people don’t have a reason to follow you.

Think of why you end up following certain accounts. You may be following a few accounts that inspires you, or some particular brands because they share exclusive gifts and coupons to their followers, or even some local bars and restaurants that share their new menus and recipes. The point is: you follow these accounts for a reason. Now you need to find a reason why people should follow you.

If the only reason you think people should follow you for is so they get updates about you, your life, and your projects, then find a different one. You wouldn’t find someone that only talks about themselves, would you? Unless your personality is abnormally interesting, or if your day to day life is very majorly different from all of us, or if you have a crazy unique story to tell, it shouldn’t be all about you.



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