TikTok’s Reach Won’t Last Forever

And it will most likely become an overly monetized platform like Facebook and Instagram

Charles Tumiotto Jackson


Photo by Aaron Weiss on Unsplash

Recently, I’ve been reading and watching lots of content about how social media should be redesigned. Because of the opportunities of TikTok, lots of users and marketers get frustrated with Instagram and Facebook because of how hard it became to grow on these two platforms.

Naturally, lots of users and marketers gave up on Facebook and Instagram and started to spend all their time and energy on TikTok.

It may seem like a great move at first: if TikTok provides reach and massive exposure, why would you bother with Facebook and Instagram?

The thing is, these people seem to forget how Facebook and Instagram used to be the same way a few years ago. Growing on Instagram in 2013 was quite easy, and lots of accounts grew to hundreds of thousands of followers in just a few months. It was crazy back then.

But as time went on, Facebook and Instagram (but really, it’s the same company) started seeing the business opportunity. They knew they had a massive impact on their users’ businesses, so they decided to limit the organic reach so they could sell ads. It was a genius business move, but it got lots of professionals and users upset. The reason is quite easy to understand: why would you now have to pay for something that used to be free?

The thing is, social media became such a significant marketing channel; lots of companies started paying for these ads. The truth is, buying ads on Facebook was a great move as you could target the audience you wanted to reach very precisely, and the ad costs were the cheapest on the market.

Over time, the average price of ads doubled, then tripled, and kept on rising. Facebook (and Instagram) ads are now the most expensive they’ve ever been. This leaves less room for trial and error ad strategies, where you just buy ads to test out a market, then focus on only what works, as you now need a lot more marketing budget to make it happen.

Is TikTok going to be such a place of opportunities forever?

I doubt so. Because of the recent popularity of the platform, and the recent release of TikTok’s ad…



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