Will Instagram be all about stories in 2019?

At least stories are not ruled by a crazy algorithm!

Instagram is a phone app.

This seems very basic and obvious but let me clarify. Instagram is made to be used on a phone. The desktop version is awful and limited and there is not even an iPad version. Instagram is specifically designed to be used on a phone. For a long time, posting on Instagram was only possible on a phone (I know it was possible to post from a desktop, but it wasn’t easy nor practical to do so). For a long time, it was not possible to plan your content in advance on Instagram. And even if you can do so now, you can only do that by using a third party app such as Buffer or Hootsuite. My point being, Instagram wants people to post directly from their phone. They want people to capture what’s happening in their lives and for them to spontaneously post it on their site. It has always been difficult and not so reliable for social media managers to plan on their content and to get decent Instagram analytics. Instagram is clearly not making it easy for social media managers. Overall, we can say that Instagram is making sure that their platform is made for spontaneous content and for people to interact between each others. They’re clearly making it hard for brands to communicate with their audience.

Stories get easier to interact with.

Instagram will become a stories platform.

In the beginning, Instagram was about taking a shot, putting a built-in filter on it and post it to the platform using 30 hashtags to make sure to get the most likes possible. But right now, more and more people are using private accounts, hashtags aren’t as powerful as they used to be, the algorithm makes it difficult to get your content out there if you’re not deeply invested in your Instagram strategy, and more recently, Instagram added the possibility to add certain people to a more closer friend group just so you can share specific stories with them. Instagram is almost bringing groups to their site. Just like Facebook groups, that are more and more powerful and important in a Facebook strategy. We’re not there yet, but it can be something happening in the near future.

There’s an opportunity for your business and for your marketing strategy! You should start planning for your 2019 Instagram stories strategy right now! Before everyone has theirs figured out!

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