Your Name on Instagram is Wrong, Here’s Why!

Something as simple as your name on Instagram can have a strong importance in terms of Instagram SEO.

Usernames and names have different purposes. While a username (that means, the @username) does not have any role in a SEO strategy, your name does.

Let’s say that you are using your real name on Instagram.

How can people find you?

By typing your name in the search bar.

If you are not someone famous already, the chances that someone will be specifically looking for you in the search bar of Instagram are really low.

Let’s say that your name is John Doe and that you are a photographer based in New York City:

John Doe Photographer in NYC will be a way better name than John Doe.

This way, someone looking for a photographer in New York City who might type Photographer in New York (or any other similar query) has a much larger chance to find your account.

Adding basic informations to your name such as your field, your location, the way you bring value to your audience etc. makes your account way more searchable.

Of course, your name alone will not make your account double its trafic.

However, it is a nice addition to a strong Hashtag strategy, if you have a great content marketing strategy going on and if your account is already growing.

The more relevant your account, the stronger the engagement rate will be. The stronger your engagement rate, the more Instagram will recommend your account through the discover section of the app.

Changing your name to something a little bit more specific by simply adding your field or your location (or ideally both) can really make a difference in your field.

No one should have to click to your profile to understand what you’re doing. People should understand who you are by simply reading your name.

By having a clear name, clicks to your profile will be way more qualified as they’ll come from people that already know and understand what you’re doing.

These visits to your profile will have way more value: no more curiosity, these visits will come from people that are already interested in your content. They’ll be more likely to follow you, DM you, or click on the link to your website.

Do you feel like you tried everything to grow on Instagram? Hopefully, what follows will be the last thing you will have to do to reach your goals.

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