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That doesn’t mean that it’s easy. But the way Instagram works is fairly simple.

See, I have been in the grow on Instagram niche for a while. I started as a community manager, I moved on to being a consultant and a coach. But I am having more and more trouble finding what to say to clients.

In fact, I even feel bad when I tell them what to do now. Because it’s so simple.

Yet, so many people are having a hard time implementing it.

Here is the thing: when people hire me, they kind of expect me to…

A great set of headshots is what will help you land gigs in the ultra-competitive NYC entertainment world.

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Those working in the entertainment industry in New York City already know that it is imperative to bring your A-game to everything you do. From a photography portfolio to brand management to social media presence, the scene is super competitive. This is one of the reasons that achieving the right headshot is so important.

Headshots have a certain look, but if you work in NYC, you have a unique opportunity to utilize the interesting backdrop of the city to really help your photograph sizzle. Consider a few tips to obtain the perfect NYC headshot to move ahead of the competition.

Purchase the Best Photo Package You Can Afford

Forget about all the marketing hacks and techniques you’ve read about, they definitely don’t work as well.

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Growing on Instagram is hard. We all know that.

In fact, it’s because it is hard that it is valuable.

If growing on Instagram was easy, everyone would have hundred of thousands of followers and Instagram would have zero business leverage.

But growing on Instagram is a whole job, and it has been the top priority for most business owners in the past couple of years.

Chances are, you’ve already read blog posts and watched videos about how to grow on Instagram. …

Here’s what to wear when getting actors headshots.

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As an actor living and working in New York City, you already know the competition is fierce. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are thousands of registered actors in New York City. And, that number is growing every day.

Besides your talent and drive, how can you stand out from this enormous talent pool and book the acting jobs you desire? Having quality actors headshots can help.

But, what you wear to your photo session is equally important. Consider your headshots like a time-stamp. …

More followers doesn’t mean more money in the bank.

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The number one question I get as a freelance social media consultant is:

“How do I get more followers?”

My answer is almost always “Why do you need more followers?”

90% of the time, they reply back “So I can make more money.”

Instagram doesn’t pay you for your number of followers.

What I mean by that is that, unlike YouTube or your blog, you don’t get a check from Instagram depending on the performance of your posts, your followers, or any other metric.

Monetization on Instagram comes from selling products, or shoutouts, or doing brand deals by selling exposure…

WWDC2021 and iPadOS 15 are killing my dream of replacing my Mac with an iPad

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I have been a hardcore iPad user since the 2018 iPad Pro came out.

I loved the product. I loved the display. I loved all the possible workflows. I loved using the Apple pencil for photo work. I loved how the design of iPadOS makes you more productive by limiting distractions and multitasking capabilities.

My dream was to replace my Mac with the iPad.

The iPad is lighter, smoother, and more pleasant to use than a regular computer in my opinion.

I wrote a few articles about turning my iPad Pro into my main computing device, and it made me realize how much people were wanting to do the same…

If you are an actor, then chances are you’ve heard of taking headshots.

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You’ve done it! You’ve booked your first in-person audition after a year of acting on Zoom!

Are you ready?

Like you, actors everywhere are brushing up their Shakespeare, rehearsing their best monologues, and preparing to get lost in their latest role, but the one thing they should all be thinking about is refreshing their professional headshots. When was the last time you had yours taken? A fresh headshot might be what separates you from the competition as we all return to the stage or the set after so much time away.

If it has been a while since you’ve had…

Are you getting ready to schedule your very first headshot appointment?

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Imagine this: you’re at an audition, with tons of other actors waiting outside to go in to read the lines they’ve been given. They call you in. You step in front of the director and a couple of other important people, handing them your headshot and acting resume.

The director looks down at your headshot, then at you. She turns to one of the other people and says:

“You know what? This is exactly what I was looking for. I love your look — here, and in your headshot.”

Actors’ headshots can make a difference in an audition. Not always…

While you think you’re beating the system, you’re killing your growth.

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What’s common to every single Instagram growth hack you’ll come across online? They’re all slowing you down.

Wait, that doesn’t make any sense.

Aren’t growth hacks supposed to make you grow fast?

Well, not really.

They’re here to please you. They’re an instant gratifications.

What’s a hack? It’s a shortcut. Something that can bring in quick, measurable results, with very little effort on your end.

That’s why they’re attractive. They seem to deliver a lot, with no effort.

Did you notice that I said “seem?”

That’s because the results that they bring aren’t that impactful. …

Here are the best ways to feel comfortable for headshots.

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Headshots are the most essential part of an actor’s resume. The quality of your headshot is often what will make the difference between booking that gig and being passed over. They not only help casting directors determine if you’re right for a role, but they also show your personality to anyone who sees them.

To get the perfect and most organic headshots, you need to feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Keep reading for the best ways to feel comfortable for headshots!

1. Practice Your Expressions

The flexibility of the stage or the way your face looks on film might be…

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